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From SSJP Knives: Randall 3 piece walking staff with Floyd Byrd hollow handle dagger and Tim Tabor prototype knife. Anodized aluminum 3 piece walking staff/spear extension for Randall/Byrd hollow handle knives, a stainless steel skull crusher end cap w/large compass, extra brass coupling and green canvas carrying case.  A black rubber crutch tip at bottom end of staff for hiking. There are rubber O rings at each connection point so when the staff is assembled the inside hollow is waterproof allowing various survival items to be stored inside. Also included is a Prototype 4" clip point, one piece, knurled grip, hollow handle knife/spear point and brass coupling that allows it to fit inside/ outside the staff or carried in its included leather sheath. After checking SJJP's inventory I see the walking staff knife is no longer listed making it more desirable. The hollow handle threaded cap is a skull crusher w/lanyard hole. To complete the walking staff/spear is a Floyd Byrd 4 /3/4" hollow ground, double edge dagger, survival knife with a hollow handle that aslo screws onto the brass coupling once the end cap is removed to be used as a spear point. Small compass on outside of brass end cap. A brown leather sheath completes the assembly. A unique survival system for the outdoors. The Byrd dagger is serial numbered and dated. There is some light wear on the crutch tip probably from walking around the house and one small nick in the staff near the bottom. The Byrd dagger is about mint condition and the Tabor has a scratch and some discoloration but has never been used and is in excellent + condition. Floyd Byrd played a key role in the design of the Randall model 18 and he is no longer making knives.