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Gorgeous Stag Dagger by the late Jim Ence of Utah. The double edge blade measures 5" and has a super mirror polish finish that shines like chrome. The handle scales are premium sam bar stag and match on both sides. The knife sports a unique contoured guard and has polished pins and a fine taper tang. OAL: 9.75". Jim was one of the all time greats and this knife really shows off his talent. Perfect fit and finish the knife is in mint condition and comes with a zipper pouch no sheath. Rare vintage hollow handle survival knife by Robert Parrish. The 9" spear point blade has a 3" clip that is sharp and incredible saw teeth. The checkered hollow handle with O ring is for storage. The double guard and cap have lanyard holes for attachments. OAL: 14". This knife is serial number 584202. The craftsmanship of a Parrish knife is in a class of its own and this is a great example. There are some light blotches on one side on the knife otherwise mint with original leather sheath. Zipper pouch included. PS I believe the blotches could be removed with a metal cleaner if desired. Very Rare Rambo Bowie Survival Knife handmade by the late Roger Parsons R.A.P. of Brunswick Georgia. The hollow ground 15 tooth blade measures 9" with a bright mirror polish finish and a hand rub finish on the flats. The handle hollow with water proof screw in cap for storage. OAL; 14.25". The fit and finish on this knife is as good as it gets very crisp and clean. The knife has never been used and is in mint condition with original leather sheath. The knife is serial number 431.0. Another great knife from the Ike collection. To give you an idea of the quality of this knife the owner Ike thinking the knife might be a Rapp knife sent a picture of it to Stephen Rapp one of the best knife makers in the world today. Stephen replied that it was not his work and he did not know the maker. He did say that he wished he had made it because the quality was that good. Turns out that Mr. Rapp had seen this knife when it was considered for the Rambo movie. Although it was not chosen neither was Mr. Rapp's Rambo knife chosen. So for those Rambo collectors this could be the rarest of rare and highest quality.
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Vintage Ruana 38C M stamp Bowie knife made by Rudy back in the day. Used but in very good condition. The 12" blade with 4" clip and brass back, very sharp. The handle is a big solid piece of elk horn no cracks. The knife has a double brass guard with engraving and brass butt cap. OAL: 18.5". The knife has been used and sharpened but is in very good solid condition. The blade has some pitting and patina but its light and could be polished to a bright finish if desired. Leather sheath has some spots but is in very good condition. Stunning Damascus Arkansas Toothpick, Dagger, Stiletto with gorgeous Mammoth Ivory handle by the late Ed Kalfayan. The massive 12" double edge blade is done in an extremely fine Damascus pattern. The handle is gorgeous mammoth ivory solid no cracks or checks. The 416 s.s. curved double guard and pommel really set the knife off very elegant but simple. OAL: 17". The craftsmanship is perfect Ed did a really great job on this one. Never been used mint condition with zipper pouch included. Awesome Vintage 1981 Linder-Messer Limited Edition Stag Alamo Bowie Knife in mint condition with wooden display. The massive blade measures 16" with beautiful etching on both sides. The knife has serial # 256 of 999. The handle is some of the best looking stag you will ever find its the good old sambar stag and just gorgeous. OAL: 24". These Soligen Germany knives were very well made and this one is exceptional. Excellent fit and finish the knife is in mint condition and come with wood display and leather sheath which is inlaid into the back of the display.

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