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Our Price: $325.00
Our Price: $475.00
Our Price: $1,000.00
Blade: 4" 440-c s.s.
Handle: rosewood
Fittings: 416 s.s.
OAL: 6.5"
Description: David Shaw was in the class of Warenski before he retired from knife making. This is one fine example of his high end work. The blade has a nice hand rub finish with false double edge not sharp. The handle is vintage rosewood accented with escutcheon plate on both sides. Full tang construction 4 pins and double guard top it off. Fantastic craftsmanship perfect fit and finish. Knife is in mint condition and comes with a zipper case.
Blade: 2" ats-34 s.s.
Frame: 416 s.s.
Inserts: ironwood
Description: This gorgeous inter-frame folder was probably made in the late 90's while Ralph lived in Grovetown Ga. The blade has a super mirror polish finish with nail nick and the #170 etched on the blade. The interframe has ironwood inserts and the craftsmanship is perfect. The knife measures 2.75" closed and the action is perfect. The knife has never been used and comes with a red felt pouch.
Blade: 6.25" 440-C s.s.
Handle: ivory
Fittings: brass
Sheath: leather sheath
OAL: 11.5"
Description: Rare vintage dagger by world famous knife maker the late Ruffin Johnson. Ruffin was inducted into the Texas knife makers hall of fame a few years before he passed away. This beauty has a super mirror polish double edge blade. Gorgeous elephant ivory with a few cracks which I had Ruffin repair a few years before he died. He used a special knife glue that is soaked up in the ivory and seals the cracks and the ivory probably for the life of the knife. The handle is accented with fancy lugged guard and diamond pommel. The original leather sheath has the letter L carved in it. Knife has never been used and is near mint condition.
Our Price: $900.00
Our Price: $650.00
Our Price: $450.00
Blade: 2.75"
Handle: elephant ivory
Fittings: s.s.
OAL: 6.75"
Sheath: leather
Description: Here is an awesome knife made by the late master knife maker Takahisa of Japan and engrave by S. Litton. I was informed Takahisa had passed away earlier this year. The blade is hollow ground with a fine hand rub finish. The creamy ivory scales match well on both sides. Both bolsters are hand engraved and very well done. The knife comes with a high quality custom handmade leather sheath by Freedom Brand Leather Works. Fantastic craftsmanship perfect fit and finish. The knife has never been used and is in mint condition except for a couple very small surface cracks near the pins which will not harm the knife and are stable.
Blade: 9 3/8" 440-c s.s.
Handle: ironwood
Guard: Mokume
OAL: 14 1/2"
Sheath: zipper pouch
Description: Bob Patrick world famous knife maker from British Columbia. Bob told me that this massive beauty was made in July of 1999. He also told me that one similar to it sold a few months later for 850.00. The massive blade is 1/4" thick, 440-c antiqued grey and razor sharp. The handle scales are deep rich ironwood accented with 25 pins and nice thick Mike Norris Mokume bolsters. The knife is full taper tang construction. Fantastic craftsmanship excellent fit and finish. The knife has never been used and is in excellent condition with just a few small dings here and there that could be easily buffed out if desired. Zipper pouch included.
Blade: 5" ats-34
Handle: ironwood
Guard: 416 s.s.
Sheath: leather
OAL: 9.25"
Description: Gorgeous Tanto by retired maker John Salley. John is well known for his high quality knives which are quite hard to find these days. This beauty has a mirror polish finish blade that was ground from 1/4" stock looks awesome what a grind. The handle has beveled desert ironwood scales accented with beveled dovetail bolsters. Full tang construction. Perfect fit and finish mint condition. The knife comes with a fine custom handmade sheath.
Our Price: $275.00
Our Price: $650.00
Our Price: $345.00
Blade: 3.75" ats-34 s.s.
Handle: micarta like material
Fittings: s.s.
Sheath: leather
OAL: 8.25"
Description: Charles A. West sold his first knife in 1963 and if he is still making knives that's 50 years of knife making. This beauty has a hollow ground drop point blade with a nice mirror polish finish. The handle scales are pumpkin color like the old Westinghouse micarta. The knife is full tang with lanyard hole. The craftsmanship is excellent very clean and crisp. Knife is unused near mint condition and comes with a hand tooled leather sheath. The sheath is not original to this knife it will hold the knife well but only the tip of the handle sticks out. I added a para cord lanyard now the knife will be much easier to retrieve.
Blade: 3 5/8" ATS-34 S.S.
Handle: birds eye maple
Fittings: 416 S.S.
OAL: 8"
Sheath: basket weave with Concho
Description: This is the fist prototype D made for Schrade. The blade has a super mirror polish finish and is hair shaving sharp. The handle scales are gorgeous birds eye maple and match well on both sides. A very fine taper and the fits so good you can't see where it meets the bolsters. Knife has never been used and is in mint condition. I will also include a D'Holder logo zipper pouch and a picture of D with a similar knife in his hand at the 2001 blade show.
Blade: 4" CPM 154CM
Handle: sambar stag
Guard: nickel silver
Sheath: leather
OAL: 8.5"
Description: P.M. Parris is the maker. Phillip has been selling knives for about 10 years and making them as a hobby for many years. This beauty has a super mirror polish finish blade and a razor sharp edge. The stag scales are well matched and very high quality. Nice taper tang accented with red liners and corby fasteners. The guard has 2 handmade mosaic pins adds a nice touch. Excellent fit and finish knife is new mint condition. High quality sheath with his logo included. A real nice package at a very reasonable price.